Responsible to:- Head Chef/ Sous Chef
Location:- Ramada Plaza Hotel, Shaws Bridge, Belfast
Purpose of job:- To assist the Head Chef and Sous Chef in ensuring that preparation, food production and food service are carried out to the highest standard and in accordance with the food hygiene regulations.
Rate of Pay:- Dependent upon experience
Hours of Work:- 40 hours per week
Qualifications:- Experience within a Chef De Partie role Excellent communication skills NVQ qualification up to and including level 2 in Food Preparation Ability to work in a fast paced environment requiring flexible working and a genuine willingness to help guests and colleagues in the hotel Hygiene Certificate Understanding of COSHH
Desirable Experience within the hospitality industry

Main Duties:-

  • Managing the general day to day running of their section.
  • Assist in the preparation, cooking and presentation of food.
  • Assist in the monitoring of food quality and presentation.
  • Ensure safety standards are being adhered to.
  • Good understanding of HACCP/COSHH .
  • General cost and quality control for both incoming and outgoing goods.
  • Ensure that temperature readings are taken on a daily basis and taken accurately.
  • Ensure that all kitchen equipment, fixtures and fittings are in good working order and to ensure that no item of equipment is misused..
  • To ensure all cleaning schedules are adhered to and hygiene checked daily.
  • To ensure that all food served from their section is the required standard highlighted in the menu specification..
  • To carry out company's relations policy and to communicate hotel services to guests..
  • To wear clean, suitable uniform.
  • To ensure a high standard of personal hygiene and grooming.
  • Upkeep of the equal opportunities policy to ensure that there is a neutral working environment.
  • To participate in any training and personnel exercises designed to improve standards and performance.
  • Work in accordance with standard procedures within each department.
  • To keep staff/work areas tidy, safe and report any hazard, accident, loss or damage to management and observe all requirements under Health & Safety at Work act (1989).


All candidates should have a CV or completed Application Form Inform candidate of interview format and that you may be taking notes during the interview.

  • Ask about their last positions(s) - What did this job, these jobs entail (Trying to find out about background- where are they coming from?)
  • Why did they leave this job (Looking for any areas of concern, for example, got fired, didn't get along with colleague's etc.)
  • What does the candidate know about the company? Why Jurys Doyle? (Should be looking for proven knowledge and interest in Jurys Doyle Hotels.) We can sell the Company/Hotel at this stage.
  • How did they hear about the position (Just tracking advertisements, referrals for" Employee Referral Scheme") .
  • What do they see as the responsibilities/duties of the job? (Refer to job description: look for answers based on this outline).
  • How do they feel about doing certain tasks/duties? (Checking for flexibility should not appear rigid).
  • Check flexibility on hours/shifts (Should be flexible to working hours required and Conditions of employment).
  • Where do they see themselves going? What’s their ultimate goal and how do they see this positions helping them on this road? (Looking for desired career path - ambition. Any training we may need to provide).
  • Availability – when can they start? (Looking for notice period for our own information).
  • What is your wage expectation (Must be within set property rates for this position, check for flexibility within this range).
  • Who can we contact for references? - What would the referee say about you in your last position? (Looking for character reference and how the candidate sees themselves)
  • Are you legally able to work for this country (Trying to see if the work permit will need to be processed).


  • • How would you handle a commis chef who was not performing to standard? (Looking at personnel management / managing staff.)
  • • What is your understanding of -- HACCP? -- COSHH? (Looking for knowledge of hygiene.)
  • • What experience do you have in -- the purchasing/ordering stocks
  • • If you were doing a function for 160 people, what type of dishes would you put on the menu, taking into consideration holding times, mass production, etc? (Ability to plan a menu within cost) .
  • • What would you do if you feel a food delivery was not up to the standard required? (Checking for problem solving capability and ability to set controls)
  • • What areas do you think could be improved in the kitchen? ( internal applicants only) (For internal observations made on the job.)
  • • What in your opinion, should be the relationship between the kitchen staff and the waiting staff? (Looking at communication skills and job knowledge.)
  • • What would you do if there was a large discrepancy during a stock take? (Checking for problem solving capability and ability to set controls)
  • • How necessary do you feel are the temperature control procedures currently in place in the kitchen. (Looking at knowledge of health & safety issues.)